Application Support System User Agreement
To use the application support system you must agree to the following Website User Agreement (“Agreement”).
Please make sure to read through the Agreement before using this system. Your use of this system will be deemed as acceptance of this Agreement.
User Agreement

This User Agreement stipulates the necessary matters pertaining to the use of the application support system (“the system”) of the Otsuka Toshimi Scholarship Foundation (“the Foundation”). System users must carefully read and agree to this User Agreement before using the system. Use of the system will be deemed as acceptance of this Agreement.

■ Login ID and password management
System users shall take responsibility to carefully manage their login IDs and passwords. The Foundation shall not be held liable for the responsibility of ID and password management or any obligations arising therefrom.

■ Prohibited actions that will result in suspension or restriction of user privileges
The following actions are prohibited when using the system. If a system user’s actions have been deemed as one of these prohibited actions, his or her user privileges may be suspended or restricted without advance notice.
(1) Using the system for any purpose other than to apply for the Foundation’s scholarship;
(2) Illegally accessing the system to alter, duplicate or falsify software programs or other copyrighted materials;
(3) Intentionally interfering with the management and administration of the system;
(4) Registering someone else’s information or otherwise submitting a fraudulent application;
(5) Uploading virus-infected files to the system; and
(6) Any other acts deemed in violation of applicable laws and regulations.

■ Disclaimer
(1) The Foundation shall not be held liable for any damages incurred by system users arising from their usage of the system.
(2) If a system user causes damage to a third party by using the system, said user shall be responsible for resolving the dispute on his or her own.
(3) The Foundation may, at its own discretion, update the system or suspend, discontinue or interrupt the operation thereof without providing advance notice to the system users.
(4) The Foundation shall not be held liable for any damages arising from updates to the system or the suspension, discontinuation or interruption of the operation thereof pursuant to the provisions of the preceding item.

■ Protection of personal information
 The Foundation will appropriately protect and manage the personal information of system users.
User agreement
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